Office Based Addiction Treatment Training and Technical Assistance (OBAT TTA)

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About OBAT Technical Assistance

The Office Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) team at Boston Medical Center (BMC) offers free technical assistance (TA) to Community Health Centers (CHCs) in Massachusetts. Our goals are to help providers overcome barriers to providing evidence-based, comprehensive care for substance use disorders and to further build the capacity of the CHC network to treat substance use disorders, including through use of medications such as buprenorphine and naltrexone.

Expert trainers and consultants provide advice and guidance that is tailored to each CHC's specific needs. When you request technical assistance from BMC OBAT TTA, a training specialist will contact you directly to discuss your needs and work with you to develop a TA plan for your organization. TA may consist of on-site meetings, telephone consultations, teleconferences, sharing of educational materials, and other supports.

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